Share ownership

Avio’s paid-in capital is divided in 26,359,346 shares without face value.
Avio has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, on the STAR segment, since the 10th of April 2017 following the business combination with Space2, S.P.A.C. owned by Space Holding.
The Avio managers’ fully owned investment company, “InOrbit”, is among the main shareholders with 4% of the total share capital.

Leonardo 29.63%
Space Holding 4.84%
InOrbit (Management) 4.07%
Treasury shares 2.55%
Floating* 58.91%

*Computed as the residual part of the shares not owned by the shareholders represented in the table above

Following the authorization granted by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on April 2019, in August 2019 Avio has started an independent share buyback program, capped at 9 Euro million, to be concluded by October 2020.